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September 17, 2009: Converted the House page to be the Home Improvements Blog. Added a Blog entry for the completion of the redecorating of my office.

January 11, 2009: Added our favorite wedding photos. And a page describing our honeymoon trip to Italy.

March 2, 2008: Added a page describing my experiences at Santa Clara Traffic Court.

September 2nd, 2007: Added some hacks to the Hacks and Howtos page. Notably, the perl package I wrote to control an EZBridge TCP to X10/Insteon controller.

August 26th, 2007: It's been a while. We're trying to catch up. In late July we spent 8 days in Costa Rica where Beth and I got engaged! We still have to post pics of the summer house party, and our trip to the Philippines.

August 3rd, 2006: A long update to the House Progress web page. Lots has happened in the last year: Terraforming, a new retaining wall, a new patio, irrigation system, two pergolas, a gazebo, electrical upgrade for the workshop, a hot tub, and an unexpected water main-line replacement.

July 29th, 2006: Pictures from the Unlikely Super Heroes party. We had a picture taking station whereby people could email home their pictures. In addition, the projector in the living room was displaying all of the pictures in screen saver form. The new gazebo was transformed into the Intergalactic Lounge and the hottub was overflowing.

Here be pictures from the Pirate Party. Yarr! We had a mighty sailing vessel, Blackbeard's Tavern, and plenty of booty to go around.

July 23rd, 2005: A new web site design.. yay! Still not perfect, but much better than it was. Added the new bathroom remodel to the House page. Added the new LCD panel project to the Miscellaneous pages. These were two more displays from dumpster diving at work. They needed a 25v power supply for the backlights and it's tied into the PC power supply's PowerOn signal with a pull-up resistor.

June 12, 2005: Added the latest Jeep wheeling pics from our trip to Hollister. We had lots of fun taking Rich's new Jeep Rubicon out for it's maiden voyage. No tow straps required on this trip!

Nov 24, 2004: Editing web pages in turbulence is fun! Added the Conspira party pictures that I've been promising for so long. Updated the people pages with pictures from our trip to Yosemite. Added the finished 2nd master bath pictures to the house page. And I linked the How to build a custom shower pan to the How To page.

Sept 9, 2004: Ahh finally version 1.0 of the Virtual Window project is done. I've put up the web page.

Sept 4, 2004: Added the How-To page offering various tips and tricks. The first one is on how to wire your house for low-voltage signals.

June 29, 2004: Again with the bathroom.. what's the obsession? Updated house page with project nearing completion..

June 1, 2004: Updated house page with the tiling updates.

May 3, 2004: New paint job in the new bedroom and bathroom.

Mar 28, 2004: Finally posted the pics from Cancun. I've also updated the house progress page with the new and improved custom shower pan is done! picture.

Mar 25, 2004: Last month Dave L. had a house warming party. Dave S. and his brother Pete were acting dumb.

Mar 25, 2004: Posted pics from Dave's and my backcountry snowboarding class. We strapped our snowboards to our backpacks and snowshoed about 3.5 miles into the mountains to find this prestine snow that noone had carved yet. It was a lot of work but the best snow ever. We also learned some about avalanche safety.

Jan 19, 2004: Wecome to 2004! The soffit framing is installed in the bathroom. Check the house page for the story.

Dec 21, 2003: Plumbing in the new bathroom is finished! Check out the house page for the full scoop.

Dec 8, 2003: Added the finished wiring closet to the house page.

Nov 24, 2003: I'm sitting in Denver International Airport writing web pages. Hence, the story of Moe. I also added a pic of the wire chase I installed in the attic to the House Page

Nov 3, 2003: New people page featuring my Mom, Gma, and Scott's visit to California. Tourist pics galore from San Francisco's wharf to the Lone Cypress on the coast.

I've also updated some house details with a few pics. Up is a picture of the front of the house, the 2nd master bedroom, and the completed workshop benches. I've more or less resolved to let the TODO list speak for itself... not a lot of time to update web pages.

Oct 6, 2003: Added the New House Page. This is what happens when your DSL connection is down one night... you start doing some things that you've been meaning to do for quite some time:

People were looking for pictures from this year's Groove Conspiracy party and unfortunately I've been terribly lame about getting around to this. So here are some of the better Groove Conspiracy 2003 pics. A full set of pics are here.

Added pics of Tom and Liz's pool party from back in August. A couple of the night shots turned out really great with the pool lit up.

Aug 20, 2003: Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been crazy with buying a house and all. We're moved in and had a bad-ass housewarming party. And now the September issue of Wired Magazine features the cityscape! For a mini-preview, Here it is online.

Mar 20, 2003: Posted new page for my Trip to Brazil!

Feb 24, 2003: Changed exposed email addresses so that old email addresses could be directed to /dev/null

Jan 13, 2003: Added Slashdot, The New York Times, and Dwell Magazine to the list of links to web sites that have linked to the cityscape project.

Sept 14, 2002: Added page to Swertie's bachelor party camping trip. It was a three day weekend of actual hiking and camping. I hadn't done this since I was in Jr. High and it was a lot of fun. Plus we got to give Swertie a hard time. Part two of the bachelor party followed two weeks later. Pictures are mysteriously missing. Actually they are here.

Aug 2, 2002: July 21st was a beautiful night.. the sun was setting behind a blanket of clouds covering the ocean. Then in the opposite side of the sky, the moon was rising and lighting up the inland valleys. If I get a good panoramic to work out, I'll post it. The company was pretty terrific, too. ;)

Jul 7, 2002: After a brutal day of hiking up halfdome, I'm sitting in front of my computer all day because it hurts to move. But that's ok because it gives me a chance to catch up.. here's our trip up to Bear Valley ( page1 page2 ) a few weekends ago to do some hiking and biking.

May 29, 2002: The Cityscape Construction website is now up and running. With these pages I hope to explain what, why, how, etc to spread the word on how to do something as silly as this.

May 6, 2002: Posted picture of the new view from the kitchen window of our house. Construction web page and party to follow, stay tuned.

Apr 30, 2002: Two pages posted of our bike tour of the California Highway 1 coastline. In 3 days we did 90+ miles from Aptos, CA to south of Lucia, CA. We saw some beautiful views of the coastline and even whales!

Feb 18, 2002: Pics are up from our time at Camp David last weekend. Perps: DaveE, Mary, Michael, Vicki, Yasmin and me. We did some snowshoeing, capture the flag, and sledding in 6" of new snow.

Oct 29, 2001: Pictures posted from our trip to Yosemite to celebrate Tina and Joni's birthdays.

Sept 16, 2001: New pics.. April Snowmobiling trip to Bear Valley. Pics from Scott's visit to California and Michele's birthday party. A full writeup on the 24 Hours Of Adrenaline race at Laguna Seca this year.

Jul 5, 2001: Added picture from Norm's wedding to the lovely Leslie in June.

Jun 28, 2001: Just for my grandmother, I put up the pic of my brother, sister, and I on the people page.

Mar 12, 2001: Added pictures of this weekend's trip to Camp David in Bear Valley. We snowboarded on Saturday and went snow shoeing and sledding on Sunday.

Feb 11, 2001: Ok, lots of new pics added. On a new people page we have pics from Nuit's CD release party in San Francisco on Feb 4, a pic of The Teenage Harlets (sic) performing in Berkeley when Adam lights his drums on fire, an old pic from a Poly Party, and two pictures from Sheila's dinner party last night. I added a biking picture from Kenney to outdoors page 7 and started a new page for last weekends' trip to Camp David.

Feb 1, 2001: Pics up from last weekend's snowboarding trip to Camp David in Bear Valley and last night's going-away party for Brent.

Jan 25, 2001: Ok! I've got the Wheelin' in Hollister story up on the web site finally. That was an action packed day with Tom's Jeep needing lots of attention.

Jan 5, 2001: Happy New Year! Up goes a pic of me doing wussy jumps on a wake board courtesy of Dane and Jim.

Nov 12, 2000: New Jeep pics posted from our trip to Hollister in November.

Nov 9, 2000: Set up page describing my vacation to Hawaii in October.

Feb 26, 2000: Posted apology for suckiness of my website and removed graphics from front page. Added the LOD project to the links page.

Sept 29, 1999: New pics of Michael's Wrangler in the mud pit. Added pictures of Scott's house and Tony's painting in the misc section. To keep the About Me section from being so baren, I added a pic of me in elementary school. Several new pictures of the family.

Mar 11, 1999: Added picture to the people section of the 3dfx hardware boat cruise we took last year. We have more geeks than you can shake a stick at.

Mar 10, 1999: Added lots of Jeep pictures from our trip to the Hollister Hills starting here. Also added pictures of the new house we're occupying. Added one picture of the hottub we overflowed in Tahoe.

Jan 5, 1999: Added picture of the Hoagland side of the family. Added the xmas card sent by 3D Realms featuring Duke Nukem. New installation of snowboarding pictures from the trip to Heavenly in 1998 and a rock climbing pic.

Dec 21, 1998: New Jeep Pictures. Also I added pictures from our hike up Halfdome in Yosemite

Dec 15, 1998: Restructure of photo pages. Now they are grouped by theme. Added Family Pics that Larissa brought when she visited California. Page numbers go backwards. Latest pics pages are higher in number.

Dec 7, 1998: Added picture from the 3dfx xmas party to the people pics page.

Dec 3, 1998: Added picture from the November Tucson trip to the people pics page.

Dec 2, 1998: Added the downloads section for links to the various files served by hoagy.org. A couple of these files include the Hacker's Manifesto and the Deep Thoughts compilation I put together.

Dec 1, 1998: Added recent Squaw Valley snowboarding pictures to Outdoor Fun Pics.

Nov 1, 1998: Redesign of all hoagy.org site structure and content. Added the What's New feature to give the occasional visitor info as to what might have changed since the last visit. Added photo gallery pages to make browsing of photos easier and faster. Themes include Jeep Pics, Outdoor Fun Pics, Dog Pics, People Pics, and Miscellaneous Pics.

Added reviews, links, aboutme, and info pages, but have not added any content.