Nuit's CD Release Party, Teenage Harlets, PolyParty, Sheila's Birthday..

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Last updated: July 5th, 2001

Nuit party: Lighting and cage dancers.

Nuit party: The ring of light is actually the fireeater spinning a ball of flame around her head.

This is Nuit performing at their _mother_night_ CD release party.

The Teenage Harlets (sic) performing in Berkeley. Adam has just set his drums on fire.

Old pic of my friend Jeremiah from ISU, his aunt Sheila, and me (check out that hair!) at the PolyParty. Notice Sheila's volcano hat!

2/10/2001 Sheila's grand birthday dinner at the WildHare in Menlo Park.

Sheila is just plain nuts..

Tony, Larissa, and I. June 2001 just after Tony's bday.

Norm and Leslie just after their wedding in Herington, KS.